Инструкция на сканер hp skanjet 4300c

инструкция на сканер hp skanjet 4300c
See sane-canon_dr(5) for details. canon_pp The canon_pp backend supports the CanoScan FB330P, FB630P, N340P and N640P parallel port scanners. Удалять их можно без проблем. А вот удалять сами папки 0014 ни в коем случае нельзя. Сканирует только 1/4 формата А4 при прописанном жестко где только можно формате А4. Говорят этот баг лечится обновлением драйверов.Читателем статьи и обладателем данного аппарата было предложено решение повторить идею через VBscript компилируемым в exe. /ce5d8yFi. See sane-microtek2(5) for details. mustek The SANE mustek backend supports most Mustek SCSI flatbed scanners including the Paragon and ScanExpress series and the 600 II N and 600 II EP (non-SCSI). Some Trust scanners are also supported. See sane-pie(5) for details. pixma The pixma backend supports Canon PIXMA MP series (multi-function devices). See sane-pixma(5) or for details. plustek The SANE plustek backend supports USB flatbed scanners that use the National Semiconductor LM983[1/2/3] chipset aka Merlin. Page of 16 Please, turn your attention 2012-2017 Upload manual Thank you for your help!

See sane-pnm(5). pint Backend for scanners that use the PINT (Pint Is Not Twain) device driver. Эта папка есть назначенное событие через виндовый интерфейс в свойствах сканера. See sane-as6e(5) for details. avision This backend supports several Avision based scanners. The scanner is connected directly to the network.

See sane-coolscan2(5) or for details. epjitsu The epjitsu backend provides support for Epson-based Fujitsu USB scanners. The driver recognizes a number of USB scanners, but to actually scan anything there needs to be software that knows about the particular scanner. See sane-dc240(5). dc25 Backend for Kodak DC20/DC25 Digital Cameras.

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