Диспенсер ict nd300km инструкция

With the better efficiency and flexibility of note transaction, ICT Note Dispensers are definitely your best choice. ND-300KM ND-300CM. As a leader in the international market, ICT is committed to continuous innovation and has amassed an abundance of customer-oriented development experience. ICT is therefore able to provide the most integrated vending system solutions to fit all user environments. Платёжная системаПротоколы: MDB, Executive и VCCS Принимаемые монеты: 1, 2, 5 и 10 р. 6 туб: 1, 2, 5 и 10 р. Скорость приёма и распознавания: 1 монета в секунду Устройство легко программируется (7 многофункциональных клавиш). Устройство стопроцентно совместимо с большинством автоматов. ND-300KM is a series of note dispenser which is able to dispense different sizes of note through study process to fit users’ needs.

With MDB and Japan standard communication interfaces available, the Coin Changer strongly supports multiple indoor and outdoor applications. CC6100 ID Verifiers The ICT ID Verifiers accept identification cards and provide fast recognition speed and a high acceptance rate.

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