Инструкция регулятора скорости woodward 2301

инструкция регулятора скорости woodward 2301
This eliminates the need for an additional driver box and speed control box. The complete system consists of a powerful microprocessor-based controller driving a precision proportional actuator. Features include: No mechanical drive or hydraulic supply required Up to 2.3 J (1.7 ft-lb) available work Accepts load sharing accessories 12- and 24-volt operation Single phase droop or isochronous control Switch-selected dual dynamics Start-fuel limit for smoke control EU Directive Compliant. The isochronous mode is used for constant speed of the controlled prime mover as long as it is able to provide power to satisfy the load. The 2301D and 2301D-EC operate in four different modes: Speed Control Isochronous Load Sharing Droop Base Load Isochronous Base Load Both models include flexible software that can accommodate various engine speed ranges, gear teeth, and forward or reverse motion. Electrical connections consist of six wires to battery, actuator and magnetic engine speed pickup.

Alberta Governor Service » Engines » Electronic Governors For Engines Woodward 2301E Woodward’s 2301E provides load sharing and speed control of generators being driven by diesel or gaseous engines. All EPG systems include an actuator, an electronic speed control, and magnetic pickup. The 512/524 and 1712/1724 EPGs are three-component governing systems for 12 or 24 Vdc operation.

The actiVgen control does not replace the ADEM control; rather it is used as a separate, external primary speed control with user-configurable PID settings. ProAct ISC can also be configured as a position control only device for basic actuator applications, accepting 4–20 mA, 0–5V, -3V to +3V, or CAN position command signals. The unit provides control in the isochronous mode, with droop available through an externally-wired potentiometer. The ProAct ISC control uses state-of-the-art speed sensing and control algorithms. It also performs comprehensive diagnostics for easy troubleshooting. Both 2301D models are applicable to generators driven by diesel or gaseous engines. The modular bi-directional actuator design easily attaches to fuel pumps, fuel valves, or throttle bodies.

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